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Brand consistency, Creative, International Creativity, Concept manual, Brand Guidelines, Monograph, Detail Aid, Product Brochures, International Advertising Campaign, PR, exhibitions, leave pieces, Film


Nycomed is a global pharmaceutical company. The company employs 12,000 associates worldwide and has affiliates in more than 50 countries. Nycomed asked AdPeople to develop a launch campaign for its new insomnia preparation, Circadin®. Our challenges were two-fold. To position a drug with very specific indications in a competitive and established market and to create a visual identity and communication tools to launch the product in selected European countries in just four months.


Our solution was based on the simple insight that insomnia is actually a 24/7 issue, and that the real improvement in quality of life is felt during the day rather than during the night. Deliverables included a concept manual, brand guidelines, monograph, detail aid, product brochures, an international advertising campaign, PR, Film, exhibitions and leave pieces.

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