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Global campaign, activation, localisation, 9 countries, full media package, digital, mobile, outdoor, print, video, radio


Dell approached AdPeople to raise its profile globally as a trusted technology advisor for small and medium businesses. And this by targeting small and medium businesses with a brand campaign that specifically appeals to aspirational values while integrating relevant product messages. ‘Take Your Own Path’ was our response. A series of inspirational films based on the stories of heroes who’d trodden the path from small business to global success, with their entrepreneurial spirit and the help of Dell. These inspirational heroes are choosing Dell because the technology enables them to fulfil the


During the period of the campaign, Dell increased its top-of-mind awareness, overtaking HP to become the most mentioned computer technology brand among small and medium businesses. In less than 5 months, 3.72 billion impressions were delivered across 9 markets. 200 global masters were developed and 3000 local assets.

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